As a psychotherapist in business twenty years, who’s charge is to peel the onion back on prior life experiences, knowing Donna Holmes as a Life Coach and professional associate brings a new and unique perspective to the field of “moving one’s life forward.” I’ve witnessed her guidance and have seen her produce extraordinary outcomes that resulted in the enhancement of her clients (personal, career, health, or business) decisions. I see her input as unbiased, as she connects with you in such a way that it provides comfort so that you know and feel you are safe in her hands (trust in her guidance). Decision making and not knowing what direction you may want to go in (pursuit) can be a battle. I found that Ms. Holmes enables you to obtain clarity, while she encourages you to be (self) accountable. I view this as a powerful tool that promotes the individual to become motivated and excited about their endless possibilities and opportunities.

Working with Donna as a client, Life Coaching guidance has provided the opportunity to focus My Dreams! Personally, I needed to look forward, not backwards! It has enabled me to establish clear personal and business goals that are realistic and achievable. I discovered, through her assistance, barriers I did not realize existed. Life coaching gave me the space, without guilt, to think about myself. I highly recommended Ms. Holmes and will continue to do so. She inspired me and has made a huge difference in helping put forth desires, and clearer perspectives that result in a more fulfilling life.
Pamela Wallace,
I found Ms. Holmes to be compassionate, gentle, and one who truly cares in her interaction with me. She had the ability to calm my mind down and bring me into the present moment. The topics we discussed were not always easy, but she made it possible to navigate through them and the emotions they bring up. At the end of each session I came away feeling more grounded and centered, and that I had gained a more compassionate perspective towards my life. I am truly thankful to her.
Isabel Parra
Donna Holmes is an amazing person who is full of energy & life. She is positive and dedicated to the success of her clients. Donna’s style is direct and caring. She did not allow me to use self-pity but helped me to understand my part in my life, which made me feel powerful, and that I could change it. Her honesty and directness empowered me to uncover & discover my authentic self….my true self. Donna helped me discover my passion, purpose, and destiny, but equally as important, how to learn and heal myself first. She helped me get to the source of the problem in an efficient and effective way. She gave me tangible tools that helped me evaluate myself and answer to my own ideals. I am excited now, that I can design my future the way I want it to be. It has been a profound experience, and I would refer Ms. Holmes to anyone who is ready to take charge of their life. She wants you to have an extraordinary life. She wants you to rock your life!!
L. Jackson
Donna Holmes has a unique perspective in every situation I have discussed with her; she sees things from a macro level and then personalizes it. Donna also gives you an honest answer, not the answer you want to hear, but the one you need to hear. Donna is a unique individual in herself. What I mean is that Donna embodies strength and compassion at the same time. I have never met someone who could "let you have it" and you walk away more empowered with a clear path to self-improvement. Donna helps you remove your defense, get to the true matter and then build back up a stronger person than when she first met them. I see Donna as my mentor. She not only preaches self-improvement, she lives it. Donna's style is honest in her delivery and honest as she lives her message. I know when I bring an idea, situation, or problem to Donna I will get a plan that we both talked through, and that I fully understand. Donna has been an inspiration to me in my personal and professional life. During our discussions, and based on my goals, Donna encouraged me to pursue various career growth positions. And when I encountered a career setback, Donna put a perspective on the situation I will never forget. Her words guidance and sensitivity allowed me to approach a negative situation and temporary setback honestly and directly. And now, I have successfully recovered, plus more, since then. I would absolutely recommend Donna Holmes, as she is a breath of fresh air, in a fog of ambiguity and deceit. There are very few people of the caliber of Donna Holmes who project intellect, strength, and honesty.
Lyndell Senior
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