About Empowered Souls

Empowered Souls is your destination for transformation.

A one-on-one personal development and career development training and coaching service, we support individuals as they reflect on and move through what’s holding them back from living life with happiness and joy.

We help you to MASTER YOU through the identification of meaningful intentions and purpose in your life. Together, we’ll take a reflective assessment of past behaviors that do not fulfill your true purpose and identify new actions to get you on the path you were meant for.

Being a career and personal development life coach, we provide a unique blend of personal and professional development services, including support for the following:

• Identifying your purpose
• Career or life transitions
• Relationship-building (with children, spouses, parents, siblings, friends and teams)
• People management
• Career development, including mock interviews
• Presentation and public speaking training

Through professional business coaching and public speaking workshop programs, we create opportunities to learn how to speak in public, helping you build your self-confidence.

Let's get started with your transformation.
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Meet Your Guide

Donna Holmes is the Founder and CEO of Empowered Souls, LLC. She’s your guide to Empowered Souls and is here to support people on their journey to fulfill their soul’s purpose. Through effective vision-setting, leadership development, and an ability to motivate and inspire others, Donna Holmes serves as an exemplary coach, business leader, and speaker. With over 30 years of professional experience, Donna brings her own unique perspective and creative solutions. She provides her clients with new ways of thinking about challenges, leading to stronger outcomes and more meaningful results. With her motivational speeches, Donna leverages her one-of-a-kind inspirational and motivating presence to move people to action and help individuals become their best selves. A consummate public speaker, Donna has spoken for crowds of over 1,000 people. She began her career in consulting and sales management. Donna completed the Creative Leadership Development Program from the Center for Creative Leadership. She has three additional certifications in the areas of life coaching, health & wellness, and meditation. Donna is married with a blended family and resides in New York.

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